What is Professional Indemnity insurance?

Professional Indemnity insurance is designed for professionals who provide advice or a service to their clients. It protects you against legal costs and claims for damages to third parties which might arise from an act, omission or breach of professional duty in the course of your company.  If you are a business, protecting your business with professional indemnity insurance is a must to ensure future loses do not occur.


If a mistake or omission occurs in the course of your job that results in financial loss or harm to another party (e.g. a client )–that client may take legal action against you to recover their losses. Professional Indemnity insurance attempts to protect both your assets and your reputation, should this happen.


Why do I want it?

Defending yourself from an expert conduct claim can cost you time, money and damage your reputation, no matter whether the allegations are founded or not. If things do go wrong you could be held accountable not just for your own actions but for those of your partners, employees or volunteers.


All dance professionals will need to be sure they are safeguarded against unfounded allegations in addition to breaches of professional duty. A Professional Indemnity insurance coverage protects you and your company by providing cover against these claims, including the cost of defending the action–so you can run your business with the assurance that both your assets and your reputation are protected.


A Professional Indemnity insurance policy should cover not just your company but also any principal, employee, director, partner or associated thing whilst acting with the scope of their responsibilities.

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