How to Stop Back Pain

Either from bad posture, slouching over your laptop, carrying a heavy load or suffering from a back condition, 1 in 6 Australians reported to have suffered from back pain that has interfered with their daily activities. If you are currently having moderate to severe back pain, read on to find out how to stop back pain and increase your quality of life!

1) Exercise regularly
Integrating daily exercise might alleviate some of your back problems as you can strengthen your back and stomach and be prevented from putting so much strain on them. Light and easy exercises are enough – consider doing crunches and tone your core as the core muscles help in supporting your back. As you age, it is beneficial to minimize weight gain and focus on building strength.
2) Fix your sleeping posture
The reason for your perpetuating back pain might be due to how you sleep at night – and this is easy to rectify! Make sure when you sleep, there are no gaps between your body and the bed. Fill them with pillows to reduce strain due to the part of the body needing to support itself. Take time to find the perfect position before you sleep and avoid sleeping on your stomach as this can put pressure on your neck.
3) Try out chiropractic treatments
For more severe back pain, consider trying out chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic aims on spinal manipulation to realign the spine and reduce pressure and pain to the back. A chiropractor will conduct a full physical examination and further testing to determine if chiropractic treatment is necessary. During treatment, chiropractors will use sudden force to realign your joints. A quick thrust is applied and trapped gases between vertebrae will be released, consequently causing relief. Chiropractic is usually recommended to reduce reliance on medicine and pain-relief medication and relief can usually be felt in four visits or less.
Back pain can range from mild to severe and it is vital to always consider the cause of your back pain. Now that you know how to stop back pain, you should take the appropriate measures to increase the mechanical function of your back and the quality of life and don’t forget to contact¬†and ask for help.

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