How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need Every Day

Dogs are referred to as man’s best friend, due to their ability to easily bond into the man’s society. A dog is one of a few pets that come along with many advantages. They can serve many purposes ranging from being guard dogs to hunting, herding and also being used by security agencies in smelling illegal drugs.

Exercise for Your Dog
Despite the wide tasks that dogs can do for us, they also need to exercise. Just the way your body needs frequent exercises to maintain your health, so as dogs. Have you ever wondered the amount of time you are supposed to set aside for your dog’s exercise? Well if your answer is yes, then here comes all the information you have always wanted to know. And if your answer happens to be a ‘no” then here knocks a learning opportunity.  This is super important when training your dog.

When it comes to exercising your dog, you have to understand the basic information given that it, entirely depends on the age of your dog, its breed, size, and its general health. It is recommended that you ensure that your dog is having thirty minutes, to two hours of exercising on a daily basis.

The Best Exercises for Your Dog
Before you submit your dog to intense exercises, first start out slowly as you increase exercise routine. This is to give your dog a healthy way to slowly pick up the exercise without posing serious health issues. Before beginning your dog’s exercise, take it through a warm-up session, to prepare it psychologically for the activity.

Once your dog is ready you can start by taking it through a low impact session, where you will be required to take a walk with it just for some distance. The next stage will be a moderated exercise. This will involve jogging, playing with your dog or even hiking. Once you realize that your pet is picking up positively, the third stage will be now to initiate a strenuous exercise. This involves running on the hills, swimming and also agility training sessions.

The final stage which is very essential is the mentally stimulating exercise. This entails taking your dog on differently new walking routes, training them to detect and pick up scents and also agility training.

Dog Health
The moment you decide to let a dog into your family, you are entitled to making sure that it has good health. This goes beyond exercise. Ensure that your dog is vaccinated by a certified veterinary and in case of any health complications, make sure it is treated on time.

Dog Care
Taking care of your dog involves a lot of things that need to be done. These are;
i. Feeding: Feed your dog to quality and well-balanced feeds that will ensure its good health

  1. Grooming: Also make sure that your dog is always clean by simply brushing it frequently. Make sure it is also free from fleas and ticks.

iii. House: Just like humans, dogs also need to be housed in a warm and quiet place where it can rest. Given that dogs often spend their time indoors, built them a good dry shelter.

  1. Spray: If your dog is female, make sure to spray it by the age of six months. And when it is male ensure that it is neutered.
  2. Medication: don’t give your dog medicine that has not been prescribed by a veterinary.

With the above factors done correctly, you will be ensured of a healthy dog at all times.  This blog post was bought to you by our friends at Paws For Freedom, A Dog Blog in the USA.

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