Where to go skiing in Australia?

Skiing is an adventurous activity. If you are living in Australia and want to go skiing, you must know where to go skiing in Australia. There are several places in the land Down Under that offer nice snowfields where you can ski. Below is a list of few skiing areas where you get a ski adventure.


1. Thredbo

If you are looking for a long ski route then you should consider going to Thredbo which is situated at New South Wales, about six hours from Sydney. The snow trail of this ski route is about 3.7 miles long. You can also expect to get accommodation if you plan to stay there and enjoy the view of snow covered mountains.


2. Perisher

Another popular ski destination in Australia is Perisher which is also in New South Wales. It has the largest ski resort in the whole country which is spread about 3,000 acres of land. The distance from Sydney is the same as Thredbo i.e. 6 hours drive towards the south direction. If you possess an Epic Pass issued by Vail Resorts then you can avail the benefit of free ski sessions.


3. Mount Buller

The third place where you can go if you are wondering where to go ski holidays in Australia with travel plan is at Mount Buller, Victoria. Apart from the residents of Victoria, the people of Melbourne love visiting this ski destination as it is close to their city. Mount Buller is just about 3 hours drive from Melbourne, so if you are a Melbournian or living in the city then you may consider going there for some ski fun.


There are several other places in Australia where you can go skiing. You should look out for the available options nearest to you and head over for some snowy fun. Just make sure that you are well equipped with the safety gears so that you are safe and secure during the skiing activity.

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