Our Recommendation For Short Term Accommodation in Perth

Here are some features that you can not compromise when choosing  Frasers hospitality’s Perth location.

Exceptional customer service

Frasers hospitality Perth is known mainly for their excellent customer service. Enter the door and you will have warm smiles that will greet you. Most luxury hotels offer a concierge, or to be more appropriate, a concierge, for all their guests, to call when they need something.  Organising limousines, other means of transportation, getting tickets for a game or a movie should not really be a problem for your concierge.

Food counts a lot

The best luxury hotels should not only have a catering service but several. Some of the best luxury hotels offer dining options that range from cuisines around the world to other interesting options such as rooftop dinners, in-suite dinners and beach dinners. Be sure to look for a restaurant that offers a variety of restaurant options if you are looking for luxury!

The suites are great!

First of all, there is not a single type of suite in a luxury hotel; Consider at least 4 to 5 types of suites with elegant names as a necessity in luxury hotels. It is not only the presence of these suites but also a series of options with different types of details. Each precious detail combined with an exquisite decoration will make your vacation even more memorable. In large part, luxury hotels have their suites equipped with the best beds, amazing artists’ paintings on their walls, exceptional lighting and exceptional views. Since you pay a little more; You can also have a meeting room in your suite.

They make your experience fun!

Ok, aside from appearances, a stay at a luxury hotel should be exciting and exciting, and in different ways. Most of the hotels offer value-added services, such as educational tours, golf courses, helicopter rides and others, located around the beaches, offer adventure services such as fishing and water sports to make your guests stay unforgettable.

Incredible spas, relaxing wellness retreats and private theatres are also features of luxury hotels. To be specific, be sure to book this hotel that, apart from these points, fits perfectly with your own definition of luxury.

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