How to make a nice dog bed?

Use this method to provide your dog with a truly luxurious and comfortable bed. All you need is an access to materials that people are throwing out all the time. Instead of throwing these materials out, save them and give your best friend a nice surprise

What do you need to get started?

  1. You will need an egg crate, a sizable piece of foam, flexible is better and an old foam top for a mattress
  2. One bed sheet old or new, its up to you
  3. A permanent marker and a measuring tape.
  4. A serrated blade or heavy scissors
  5. A heavy duty sewing needle
  6. Some strong tread

This is the method for creating the dogs bed

  1. You need to decide the size of the luxury dog beds you want to make, keeping in mind the size of your dog and the amount of space you have available. How your dog sleeps will probably dictate the size of the bed you need to make
  2. Place the foam of a flat surface, use a marker to draw the shape you need, don’t worry about it being a perfect, it won’t hold a perfect shape when you are finished regardless
  3. Cut three pieces from the foam, all roughly the same size and shape, using your chosen cutting tool. Surprisingly an electric meat carver is one of the best tools for this job.
  4. Cut a circle out of the center of one of the pieces of foam. The circle should be a little smaller than your dog. This is the center of your dogs new bed.
  5. Place each of the three pieces of foam on top of each other, wrap the foam pieces in the bed sheet, pretend you are wrapping a gift. Take your needle and tread and stitch the loose edges, a common stitch is perfectly fine for this part

Once you have stitched the sheet your bed is ready for its new guest. Sit back and watch your dog enjoy their new bed.

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